Some of the things our clients say about working with us and the work we do together.

"One of the great joys of this project has been having a team at Wandering Bear who understood pretty much from the word go what it was that we were about. There has been a universally positive reception to our new website, both the teachers who we speak to really like the way it looks, but also our patrons have all said how they feel the new website captures the essence of what we do, so really a great success."

Chris Pope, Co-Director, The Prince's Teaching Institute

"Working with Wandering Bear exceeded our expectations of what we could achieve with Bob. We didn’t just hit our targets we went well past them in the lead up to the general election and now have a new strong base of supporters to shape our future campaigns with."

Jonny Wright, Head of Brand, Innovation and Planning, RSPB

"Thanks to their ability to really listen and their emotional intelligence, Wandering Bear ‘got us’ right from the word go. This meant we quickly developed an effective working relationship built on mutual trust and respect. Wandering Bear helped us define our values and core messages in ways that get to the essence of what we’re about. This led to a brand and website design which has given us the confidence and platform to communicate what we do effectively and supported our business growth. They are also great people and fun to work with!"

Sarah Forster, CEO, The Good Economy

"Wandering Bear quickly understood a complex idea and equipped us with the tools needed to explain its potential to investors and customers. Having covered a lot of ground in a short period of time we feel like we have a valuable partner to help us develop our brand and business."

Ove Lerdahl, CEO, Standard Bio

"Since the review we are joining up our communications much better. There have been quite a few big mental health stories where the College has been there top of the agenda and I think people have been pleasantly surprised by that. Our membership certainly feel they are seeing more of us in the media than they have before and they are very pleased."

Simon Wessely, President, Royal College of Psychiatrists