Design Thinking

Partners for a common goal

Kulsoom Kausher | 07 March 2017

We are living in an age where there is a heightened focus on understanding ourselves and others around us. Developing empathy and having the determination to build long lasting relationships is key to how we live our lives. From the preschoolers learning mindfulness as part of their daily routine, to the millennials trying to understand what their purpose is and chasing that through more meaningful work.

For many people making money is not the only driving force behind work, how we find expression in our work and its impact on others is equally important. For that reason picking a business partner with shared values, passions and ambitions can have a big impact on creating work to be proud of. Will they challenge you and help you to grow? Are they good people to be around? Do they represent you? Paying attention to how the journey is made, as much as making sure you get there, allows for a richer experience and leaves space for new opportunities.

Over the last few years we have been working hard to seek out good sustainable businesses that want to change lives for the better. Getting involved with ideas that are about creating change for a better more sustainable world takes time and grit. It’s no longer about just servicing clients, but living and breathing their business. Connecting with them as people and forming an understanding of their world is core to the foundations of a lasting partnership. Identifying and celebrating the culture of the businesses and brands we work with builds empathy – we share the problems and celebrate the wins together – and create great work along the way.

A core part of what we do as an agency is service, it is the foundation of support for our clients. Our definition of service is not the master—servant sense but in the true meaning of the word ‘helping ourselves and others to thrive and grow’. The ideas, brands and people we work with are ambitious, they want to take big leaps forward, they need to know that great service is a given. We have worked hard to clarify what it means to us, so that we can see the opportunities in it. We have seen our partners thrive when that shared view has led to exciting collaborations and new projects outside of the original conversations. Like any successful relationship it’s about earning trust and having a long term view. The key to making that happen is open and honest communication – it’s how we uncover what our clients really need and discover our best ways to work together. That's why we think of our clients as partners and their goals as ours.