Content Strategy

Communication with no friction – how we find new ways to share big conversations

Ben Jeffreys | 28 September 2016

There are times when small changes, done well, can make a big difference. Our client Standard Bio know that, they are changing farming practice to produce sustainable soil enriching fertiliser.

We had been to Norway to see how and wanted to keep learning, sharing and talking easily. As a distributed team we were already using Slack, a great tool for sharing conversations around projects. So we were pleased when Standard Bio took it on in the same way, allowing a flow of information and research around their big idea.

This got us thinking, how could we use this sharing of knowledge with a broader community – environmentally aware farmers, institutions and investors – that should know about Standard Bio.

How could we do that without putting a time burden of content creation on their small, busy team. So we linked the Slack conversations directly to an email newsletter that allowed the team to select the best articles they were sharing. With a simple ‘like’ they could use Slack as a publishing tool to post it to their website and send out a rich newsletter service for those interested in Agri-Tech. Now they have a frictionless way of sharing interesting ideas and building a supportive community around Standard Bio – the key to a strong and successful brand.

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